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Brighton Humanists

Previous talks

Some previous talks given to the Brighton Humanists are also available online:
(Most recent first)

Video of " My Journey from Christianity to Humanism", by Peter Tatchell

Video of " Ancient Stoicism and Modern Humanism", by Prof. Christopher Gill

Video of " Feminist Resistance against Islam Here and There" by Houzan Mahmoud

Population Matters. Summary of a talk, with slides, given by Prof. Steven Bown, of the organation
Population Matters.

Video: "The Ethical Purpose of Education" by Nobel Prize winner Sir Harry Kroto.

Slides from Peter Breitbart's talk, "Effective Altruism - Combining the Heart and the Head"

"Robert Ingersoll: Freethinking Allowed". Robert Stovold described the views of American freethinker Robert Ingersoll, using Ingersoll's own words, and explores their relevance for today.

“Proud To Be An Atheist“ by Barry Duke, Editor of The Freethinker

“Evolution – A Nightmare For Theologians” by member Robert Stovold

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