Our Latest Newsletter

Author: Maggie Hall

The latest edition of “Humanistically Speaking” (the Magazine of the South Central England Humanist Network)

Report on Talk by David Barmes of Positive Money on the report “The Tragedy of Growth”, 5th August 2020

Author: Kat Reynolds

Report on Sunday Social Forum on 19th July 2020

(Author: John Challoner)

Report on Doris Richards’ Talk, “The Struggle for Jerusalem”, 8th July 2020

(Author: Kat Reynolds)

Report on Alistair Currie’s talk on “Population Matters”, 10th June 2020

(Author: Kat Reynolds)

Members’ Update, June 2020

(Author: Maggie Hall)

Report on our Sunday Social Zoom event, 31/5/20

(Author: John Challoner)

Report on Mike Flood’s two-part talk “Fighting Fake” on 13th and 20th May 2020

(Author: Kat Reynolds)