Welcome to Brighton Humanists

Next Event

Unfortunately, due to the current situation regarding coronavirus, all the following events have been cancelled. We will update the website as soon as we can become operational again.

In the meantime please, everyone, keep safe.

.Wednesday, April 1, 7:30pm : Alistair Currie of “Population Matters” will be talking about their work. More details to follow.

Future Events

• Wednesday, May 6, 7:30pm: Guest speaker will be Mike Flood of non-profit organisation Critical Information, and Chair of Milton Keynes Humanists. He will give a talk entitled “Fighting Fake – Raising Awareness of the Threat Posed by Half-truths, Deception and Disinformation”.

• Wednesday, June 3, 7:30pm : Guest speaker Ariane Sherine, comedy writer and journalist, will give a talk entitled “Talk yourself Better”. Sherine created and organised the Atheist Bus Campaign, persuading Richard Dawkins and the British Humanist Association (now Humanists UK) to support her. Buses with variations on the slogan “There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life” ran in 13 countries across the globe. As a result, Ariane received an Inbox full of hate mail, which eventually led to a major nervous breakdown and suicidal ideation. She ended her journalistic career, and didn’t write again for over three years. In this talk, she will tell the full story of how therapy and medication saved her life, prompting her to write her new book, Talk Yourself Better: A Confused Person’s Guide to Therapy, Counselling and Self-Help. Ariane will also be signing copies of Talk Yourself Better after the talk.

• Wednesday, July 1Annual General Meeting, 7:30pm .