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Brighton Secular Humanists

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Brighton Secular Humanists
Living Without Religion. Challenging Religious Privilege.
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We meet on the first Wednesday of every month except August,
at The King and Queen, 13-17 Marlborough Place, Brighton BN1 1UB

Please note - Our next meeting will be on the second Wednesday of the month.

14th February 2018 (Second Wednesday in the month) 7:30 for 8pm start
“My journey from Christianity to Humanism”.
Peter Tatchell tells the inside story of why he questioned, critiqued and ultimately rejected his 'fire and brimstone' evangelical upbringing in favour of a rational, scientific understanding of the world and a humanist ethical outlook - and how this outlook has inspired his human rights activism, including his battles against religious ignorance, privilege and intolerance.

7th March 2018 – Patrick Ballin of Amnesty International
Patrick will be updating us as to the situation facing non-religious people around the world.

4th April 2018 – Debate: “Evolution: Fact Or Fiction?”
Pastor Anthony Bickley and Dr. Robert Stovold
Anthony Bickley is the Pastor of Ebenezer Reformed Baptist Church, Brighton, and Robert Stovold is a biologist and a member of Brighton Secular Humanists. The debate will focus on the opposing views of Creationism/Intelligent Design versus the Theory of Evolution.

2nd May – “Secularism” – Andrew Copson, Chief Executive of Humanists UK
(formerly the British Humanist Association)
Secularism is an increasingly hot topic in public, political, and religious debate across the globe. It is embodied in the conflict between secular republics – from the US to India – and the challenges they face from resurgent religious identity politics; in the challenges faced by religious states like those of the Arab world from insurgent secularists; and in states like China where calls for freedom of belief are challenging a state-imposed non-religious worldview.

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